Thursday, March 18, 2004

Lets have a good meddle with land use issues !
There will be no effective uproar by those who act as custodians for our resources - after all they
are irrelevant -at least politically (

Polys have finally found something that doesn't matter but on which they can pontificate .I say doesn't
matter because all the talk of
cuttingedgeconservation( blogspot of that name ) "professionals" are just NOT important. After all they
are not organised like medicos .
doesn't matter if the peasants and the professionals get cut by all the careless talk - they don't
matter politically-- they are just wingeing farmers and their suspect friends

Between Bob Brown and Mark
Latham they know what to do ( in tas yesterday) - close down use of the land - its that simple!
Problems with surgery you say? - lets have none of it !
Dead easy mat

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

We don't always use the earth well but that's no excuse for rushing into things .Esp will paradigms that get us into messes in the first place like
|short term gain - long term pain .
No this is what we need NOT to do -something that is so much part of the real anti- conservation agenda . Recognising the problem is one thing - finding a solution is often a more complex task - but critical to doing it well and getting the esenatil bits of long term change we should be all aiming for .
Before we turn our recognition of a problem into an imperative in someone else 's backyard lets be sure we know something of what pulling one lever will do to all the other component of the ecosystem or learn to trust those who study these things !