Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Religion is certainly dangerous

One of the biggest dangers when you see the human problem in another is that you deny the problem in yourself . And religion is a problem,  because it occupies space out side the merely rational.
And many modrens want to say there is nothing beyond the rational , Lets agree with them and say any the irrationality is  dangerous and a risk with your religion 

When Western reactionaries say "they don't have a religion " and that they have" moved on " they risk denying what psychologists tell us is universal ; Our world view: our religion

so what exactly characterize  no religion NR .(This bit needs redrafting ).

1. Promises something better -and more stable and predictable than faith .
So we are to believe that the new western progressive is onto something BETTER than the positive frames of love hope forgiveness and mercy that have enabled men and women to transend talk  beyond their fellow creatures justifications for acting like brute animals.
2. Simple drivers 
Self control for the new age worshiper is not only not possible,  but antithetical . There can be only one cause ; one driver called.desire  called DNA.
3. Simply natural
So we are expected to just quietly  adopt the old dog eat dog limits of nature .
4. With drivers at the helm,  the mind is not only  irrelevant but part of the old threat that religion symbolizes - arguments beyond reason  The suspicion of mind contructs means NR 's limit mind contructs to mean what you want them to mean . No need for books and study . In a significant paradox the principal of simple drivers denies adherents the opportunity to  use anything but simple coorelation  logic. In practice this seems to mean your coorelations justify  your actions . Anything beyond that is subject to cynical mind blocking mind contruct criticism."Lets not think about it any more "
NR 's Happily laugh away  anyone who develops a higher calling as lost in their own "mere mind construct ".
5 Deep Cynicism 
The new breed of cynics write books -"Whistling in the Dark" by AB Cynics Incorporated.   Paradoxically those who accuse others of " having a crutch "still need their very own crutch place . 

Oh yes the media talks about " what motivates us" but only if Nature is the driver and ( not said ) its suits us at the time of interview to see ONLY ONE  aspect of a driver . Unfortunately the benefits/reality  of a really big world view that incorporates competing drivers (ie  self control)  is easily lost.

Our media is now filled with this new religion- adoring the rational but living by cynicism  they have  a frame of worship too;
Is it not one of many now that is floating on the same froth of épistémological despair that most moderns are.

BOTH Trump and Teslas chief Musk are popular because the popular religion is technological Saviour worship 
.  See work of Jaques Ellul-- The Technological Society

To not deal with this in house faith and deny it, is not to deal with the disease. Watch the idols fall.

To remain in the car when the drivers of the car (and the passengers) are all rushing in the dark is plain mad faith.

14th August 2018
Malcolm Turnbulls  mystery bag that will some how magically lower power prices when our leaders have only ever invested in high cost, impossibly compromised new sources is surely an example of a false faith of today . While Labor and the Greens don't want to say so,  they ARE all in the same church singing the same choruses as Malcolm Turnbull and Friedenberg

As an unbeleiver has correctly said of this false hope : "you can't do the same thing and expect a better result when you haven't changed what you' re doing:"  ,
The majority religion of the moment  is a false religion with a false faith and a vain hope .