Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It will rain soon

The THOMPSON dam speculation . Both the Opposition and the Mr Thwaites will look like the wet behind the ears reactionaries they both are --- when it rains . Worrying about the weather and wether of not someone knows how to pump water . Think they would know that you need to get real experts to give some credibility and comfort to important environmental risk matters. Instead of the comfort of reason these dummies allow their own ignorance, arrogance and weel heeled wannabe more powerful water sector fixit fanciers (rather prefer to fix problems than prevent them !) to drum up support in the media with tempatations they ALL love too much-- fear and trembling and told you so techniques - short term gain mate! you wouldn't last long in the real world !

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Enshrinement no answer

Whatever happened to empowerment? I know, but obviously, the press aren't up to "what's new with ideas" or they would be telling us - not the bloggers ( go google) .
In a stroke of mere mindless innovation,( or should be say plagerism ) the secularists have , perhaps unwittingly, captured the essential essence of the their own stupidity ; adding a sacred component to their grand campaign to convert everything western to the completely secular . And even Blair, the believer, is apparently unaware of what's now laid bare .
The English parliament, like so many wannebe more powerfuls, are compromising their integrity over big picture truths ; blurring the line betwen the monists and the dualists ; trying to do the impossible and tramping hypocriticaly over the already enshrined doctrines of democracy at the very same time - pack of monotonist dummies.
Will it last?