Monday, June 28, 2010

A new moral challenge for Labor - to stand still

Labor need to very careful with the old easy sword called "needed change". Many of us can smell a rat before we  see one . Some of us even smell its sus when the simple address the simple with "the simple need for change ".  The temptation of new Labor to change direction is a strong one, but not one that is "necessary" ( after all its too easy to gain a sense of momentum ,purpose and neccessity from the mere appearance of "change")

We don't like people who keep talking change .Shorten's use of the word "innovative" (QandA last week )( A safer word for change ) is symptomatic, not of his being on the right side of his earth shift (between conservatives and radicals), but of being clearly down the crack in between.

Nothing better demonstrates Labor's ongoing willingness to change its image than Gillards decision to call the population discussion a key issue of sustainability.
Gillard may think she's hosing down the worryers out there, but maybe its only sustainability in Mark Abibs territory. Tony Burkes not the only one whose credibility is to be questioned .
What things will people say ---just to hold power ?
I wonder how all the climate change voters feel about being gazumped by all the latest paranoia over population?
The only new footprint issue raised around this complete furphy is the heavy boots in the minds of those who don't really know what's worrying them . Fuzzyheaded talk by Burke and Shorten will limit both their lives in the public square.

Friday, June 25, 2010

An image fix ? Replace the greyhead with a redhead

What do you think? - was the hasty replacement of Kevin Rudd with Julia Gillard a piece of irresistible logic , or something else - mere window dressing ?. Its made out to look like the direction is changing, but does this repaint and rebadging change anything .Takes one to know one?- unfair dismissal? and arrogance ? More here