Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Reviving interest in History and Culture -- a popular new course

UNSW have made headlines by pointing the finger at good old James Cook, Nothing appeals to more people than having a good go at someone - esp someone who appears goody two shoes or in the case of British legends- goody two shoes culture --who cares about the facts
 The popularity of such nonnews and part pictures parading shows how widespread meanness is - the glass half empty brigade is well and truly alive in Universities, making them more than half dead
Not only has the paper appeared to have discovered something ( which it hasn't and therefore doesn't qualify for news ) but its got away with that grand political ambition of presuming to state the need for cultural change . A very clever University on the surface. 

is UNSW    HISTORY   major   a new  4 yr course in storytelling
YEAR1  Tantalizing Titbits of history 
YEAR  2 Reviving interest  in the dying art
Semester 1 --by rewriting history
Semester 2 -- by changing the language
YEAR 3  Cultural change and how to achieve it ,  Overly ambitious polys encouraged 
YEAR 4  How to be as successful as Dan Brown .

Post graduate doctorates offered in
  • How to protect your discoveries from being undermined by new facts :
  • Writing the sequel  and
  • Complete guide to storytelling and 
  • Getting away with your version of the story in media and parliament

    get in early a very popular course