Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Polys should sometimes shut up and let experts speak -

Why polys want to wear their own stupidity is beyond me, A  desperation to have the feeling you are doing something seems to be a common reason .
With wicked problems , better both ways , to let the studied speak

Yes we the people are nervous about the risks of violence from terrorists
 especially young Muslims., whose own old  training books  can be easily interpreted in many places  to allow killing in the name of Allah . ... and when there are thousands  of young immigrant Muslims who can't get work in our countries.      
Why can't we say that . Why don't our press keep saying it ?

Instead of saying the above and saying "keep calm  " polys and their panic driven mates in the media want to prove they are tough when the nature of the quick fixes prove they are just reactionary;

Nothing shows they are our of touch than their grabbing for reactive methologies that will characterize their prophet-less view of protection;
  1. Monitoring the net . Never work too much flow and then you only have words. Thousands of potential bombers - thousands of monitors  
  2. Legislation --changing way parole works  .
  3. Speculative reasoning is what everyone does - people want action  . With so much of this noise on the net its no wonder polys fall for quick fix talk - point is the chatterers wont get eaten alive like polys will if you waste time wandering around responses.

    Emergencies may require emergency actions .
    I am not sure what's best but polys sprucking their own solutions instead of those who are trained --shows them up as a bit desperate and dangerous .  

    The people may well accept and be comforted by

    --random bag checks and GPS monitoring .
    The terrorists will clearly be more wary of turning up in foyers and in crowds if some of the many security guards are able to randomly examine bags.  


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