Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hard to believe isn't it . The ink is just dry on the ozone layer and the sky is falling again .
The situation is said to be so seriuos they need to act straight away . "the day of salvation is today - thursday - if we don't act its disaster things will melt irrevobaly said john feine this morning .
Polys this week will be asked to give away their powers to hold up the sky and produce more water . I don't think so .
Most of the things polys build tend to fall over and how did they all get the idea that big is better - are they all on drugs or something. How come they are in cooohoots with the intellecatual medai on this ?

I think i would wanna be sure not only there is a problem and also celeraly what cased it before i spent 10 billion dollars on it .

Maybe this carnival of acts and expenditure has got nothing to do with results on the ground - just results at the up coming election.

But i'm only a poor bastard from the bush - what would i know! From hanrahan