Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just a lot of hot air and obfiscation

Well , did we get what was expected? A lot of hot air talk - yes . Could you call it a debate ? No ( ABC debate on Durkins hard work on "the climate change swindle")) , I don't think so !!!

Tony Jones and Robin W did a shocking job of setting up a debate - wasting a good hour and failing to nail the only scientist to criticize the films' key question - the dearth of evidence of a connection between co2 and temperture rises!

The public have every right to question certainties that can't be easily explained!

Just a lot of hot air!

The hot air tonight will leave many steaming . Many of us , what ever the limits of Durkins work ( I am not surprised the research on sun activity-(the Big deal in the press this morning) maybe not conclusive-- but what is!) I will be glad at least one person got together to question the rationale.

The fearmongers will not have it all their own way .

the winn ing points ( we haven't seen it yet Posted 7.30pm) should be

- the lack of evidence of CO2 as the priniciple causation factor

- the deliberate willingness of carbon trading proponents to push " the need for it " through regardless of the "haste makes waste" and sound "too early to build invetsemest"arguments

- the very real difficulty modern scientists have to gain credibility when the media propote a change issue .
-The funding problem for research must be taken as a real danger for the clever country- scientists are now at mercy of short term political agendas - tonight the night to at least "put it"

- the foolishness of those (on the PCteam) who think you can force people to behave well

--the foolishness of those who think all the pushing haste and fear generation will produce some sort of improvement in how we use resources . "short term gain long term nothin" is expected to be the result of this PUSHINESS

- the failure of our own ABC to raise the reality of fanaticsm and denials of powerlessness as a major diseases of our own age .

- the ABC's failure to support scientific debate and its preferenecce for promoting popular causes ( will the candidates of review be worthy?????) A great test of the ABC tonight !!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Agenda change agents

"Successful" in the short term only .
Several months ago were were being told that the drought was a 1in 1000yr event . Now we are being asked by the hype merchants to believe that we have 1 in 1000 year floods( in gippsland)
All things are possible, it seems, to those who believe in agenda change agendas . For those who want to follow some of the links to authentic science click here . Remember you heard it ( re agenda change agendas) first on blogger !
What fools we are to listen to much TV, those who traffic in short term gains . Far better to blog with someone who knows or admits what they don't know .