Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Respect for Diversity is based on respect for names

Contrary to the crass simplicity promoted by the Greens , you destroy respect for diversity if you destroy definitions . Children in Australia in 2011 know what marriage means and means for them ( my father and mother) ; they may not in 2020 when all the worlds problems will be solved by proactive Greens .
Suddenly, as if by some miracle, the Greens have the answers and they will impose them as they have been doing since they made deals with Labor ( presumably because they as a small group know more than we do ). They claim to be respeonsible but they insist on imposing their wills and word games .
If we need to be more inclusive, why not include polygamy with monogamy , homosexuality with heterosexuality , contract with commitment , divorce with seperation , promiscuity with fidelity .

Adam Brandt would change the world by changing a word . Love has just become just a word . *I have no problem with homosexuals being accepted and their commitments registered ( esp as the evidence is that promiscuity divorce and polygamy are likely to become features of any such definition ) ,
I am just not supportive of one small group changing the meaning of a powerful and clear concept for one which is unclear providing no clear choice for our children and those who clearly want to respect diversity and the unique character and needs of diverse groups .
The attractiveness of this simple and unthought through idea is quite understandable amongst those who want simplicity .

Monday, August 08, 2011

The limited value of shock therapy

All of us who are serious parents, or students of parenting, know its value.  Noni Hazelhurst reminded us only last night on Qanda that shock therapy should be in the tool box for parents (hear, hear!).
The problem as Plibersek found out last week on the same program ,(especially when you try to solve all the worlds problems all at once)is that shock therapy  has limited value; It  should not be used as a quick fix; We must use it with care ( no coincidence that its a mother whose allowed to swear here!  But think of all the real dictators through history and now outside our homes who made their job easier by using it ) ;
Fact is , we as a generation are a real woosy lot and we are tempted to use it in reaction  to our slackness .

The West is founded and kept going on the twin beauties of reason and reasonability.After you get angry,  you need to be more reasonable( and you need to check the reasons for your anger ). Politicians running around talking about something they don't understand is not reasonable . Qanda goes down YET again in another dumbing down by talking about science but not having scientists ( a most reasonable lot ) helping to avoid very embarrassing moments where people get wound up for no apparent reason.
Mothers of course are excused - it is clear they have put forward many ,many reasons and many times and in all places been quite reasonable  before they let fly . Hear hear to mothers shock therapy-(- after all the target is not moving and that's usually part of the problem. )