Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What are we afraid of this week ?

Sorry I didn't catch that . I have switched off the TV in the hope that some wannabe WON"T BE ABLE  to drag me into another thought frame I don't need .
For those looking for my brief for a better planning approach to fear and risk  click here . Maybe your interest is in an economic framework that works . All for revision and more homework .

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Politicians are desperate to get results

So desperate they are prepared to compromise their integrity.
Its not power that frustrates governments, but the lack of it. You heard it first on EA1 aug2012  

The number of wannabes who ,frustrated with the HUGE difficulty of changing human behavior fall for a quickfix is real
.The lack of evidence of ENDS justified in their minds ANY MEANS
 They would say as they did in the 1980''s"water and power and rubbish disposal is too cheap .I
ncrease the price and the people will get the conservation message" 

These were people who didn't respect sound economic realities .No respect for their deliberate adverse distortion of the private market in favor of the public service ( Such actions leave agencies with buckets of money and nothing to do but hand it out or write more notes for the developing drip feeds to their new dependants (tragedy writ large).
These simpletons are now in charge - they saw a solution that they and polys could understand . Was scary then and still is.
Its not power that frustrates govts but the lack of it 
  . The end doesn't justify the means , half truths should be balanced by full truth and boiling the frogs doesn't help the frogs learn anything.

In Victoria, fresh rainwater NOW  costs more than cost of disposing it

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