Sunday, March 25, 2012

Queensland Electoral result

The jumping bean of media,  Jon Feine ( 774) at least got a grab or 2 from those that matter , this morning .Not enough time for em , but a small window to wonder over.  That' s what happens when all the noisy nonsense of the media is disrupted by a voice from the real people.
Sure its less coherent , less predictable -But at least  its not "baa" sounds . New ideas arrive in strange disguises .. Journos  heard that in school,  but have they listened??? No , they know the words but not so much the meaning of words - strange words .For the Politically and religiously correct the words are  at best incoherent irrelevancies and false doctrines , at worst obscene madness that leads people ( not them thankfully) astray .
E . Waugh wrote the story SCOOP for these young minds  so they could be famous this weekend,  but they ALL still missed the point didn't they--they seem to prefer the comfort of kindergarten .
The risk is that these drip feed merchants in the media will FORGET what exactly is their job ( and their job is at its very best), when there isn't a crisis . Please report the truth . Stop speculating on solutions and confess to failing to identify the  real problems ! Noticed any Comfort zone commodity traders for one !
There is a God ; This weekend even those who appear most dumb, know more than those who think they know. Feine , even on Monday morning after asking ,  hasn't twigged to Joyce 's telling point that its the dreamy nonsense of Greenlabor that has killed any credibility Labor once had - and THAT  problem ( you heard this SCOOP  first on blogger )is even BIGGER in Canberra than in the place where mad people seem to congregate . The problem isn't confined to Queensland,  the quick fixers still speak dreamy and cry wolf crap over water and other things environmental - Anna Bligh and Bob Carr both mentioned environmental wins in their desperate attempts to shore up the shifting agendas under these best intentions gone wrong . You don't unpick the evil unless you remove by surgery the offending clause in the equation .How much of what I just said did you understand? 
What's wrong with being incoherent and mad anyway?
You 'd have to be a complete rationalist and on top of the rationale to cast a spell on someone else on this subject -  a judgement . Pity such a restricted view  leaves you out in the cold when it matters.Says something at least,  about how balanced and how central are those who keep sitting there .
" Joyce runs rings around you today Jon " listener and Joyce cynic . Yes yes and Yes

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