Monday, July 26, 2010

Stop breathing everybody

Having been reminded that they have completely confused themselves by trying to pick BOTH winners and handicaps in the carbon reduction race,Wongys group will be busy this week trying to avoid talk of the power of mere air movement and radiation from remote heat sources to the real issue of BASE LOAD ( you heard it first on Blogger) .
What a load of techno garbage Wongy wanders over - as if clean and dirty coal fired power stations are greatly different in the main stakes of CPR . (Qanda last night 26th July )

We will all need CPR of a different kind if she keeps calling the shots .
The technological fix dreamers are so far ahead of themselves they don't even realise that my predicted drip feeds for the next week ( solar heating and clean coal ) aren't even in a proper production mode to be adopted.
WE would be better off getting some reduction if we could stop some big animals from doing what comes naturally .