Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Enshrinement no answer

Whatever happened to empowerment? I know, but obviously, the press aren't up to "what's new with ideas" or they would be telling us - not the bloggers ( go google) .
In a stroke of mere mindless innovation,( or should be say plagerism ) the secularists have , perhaps unwittingly, captured the essential essence of the their own stupidity ; adding a sacred component to their grand campaign to convert everything western to the completely secular . And even Blair, the believer, is apparently unaware of what's now laid bare .
The English parliament, like so many wannebe more powerfuls, are compromising their integrity over big picture truths ; blurring the line betwen the monists and the dualists ; trying to do the impossible and tramping hypocriticaly over the already enshrined doctrines of democracy at the very same time - pack of monotonist dummies.
Will it last?


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