Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Feds have got a cheek -Workplace relations. What would they know about it? Their own house in order? - start there first I say, otherwise they may just be working from experience, and that won't do .
Reform your own house FIRST --No more experimenting at our expense . Management level Public servants love to change direction at a whim , and too many polys don't know how to discourage them !!!!- So old PS budget lines are left in a mess. Kennett got one word right - caretaker. Trouble he too got confused by the superficail beauty of an altrnative - the CEO . Change Everything Often---Isn't that what CEO means?

If the Feds want to improve rather than meddle in Workplace relations and nail down our taxes, they should include a clause to limit the number of new ideas any public servant can implement in a year . Reward public servants for sticking to the job they were trained for ----it would really help !


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