Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pin the tail on the donkey, anyone ?

Politicians rush to outdo each other this week with religious like doomsday stories on the grand design and the great damnation risks from "global warming" . Have they had just walked out of the day after tommorow . Has politics come down to believing its own hype?. Most scientists are starting to realise that most of the talk is completely careless, dangerous and likely to lead to waste in moving goalposts. Take all the so called " direct connections"( CO2 = warming )formerly (warming =ozone)
Talk of moving targets-- where oh where has the ozone layer gone?
Sequestratio too will become a dirty word the way they suddenly name it as "the new imperative". What quick fix junk!
Leading the pack was so called independant Tim Flannery. In a move that looks more like fanatiscm than future walk talk , he claims that everything from Kakadu to the Great Barrier reef was under threat - left Bob Brown with nowhere to go .
More significantly , I thought, was Tim flannery's story on Perths runoff figures ---unconvincing . Does he too think "some good comes out of recent figures" like the quick fixers do .
Is he not concerned that Bob Brown uses the same argument as his to deflect attention from the real cause of recent bushfires on the east coast . Tim's into water now ..but is he out of his depth? How about a bit of talk of where we are with the next glacial before every cat and dog is storing water in their backyards,.... for their own use .
Panic merchants we should not be! see http:/


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