Thursday, March 18, 2004

Lets have a good meddle with land use issues !
There will be no effective uproar by those who act as custodians for our resources - after all they
are irrelevant -at least politically (

Polys have finally found something that doesn't matter but on which they can pontificate .I say doesn't
matter because all the talk of
cuttingedgeconservation( blogspot of that name ) "professionals" are just NOT important. After all they
are not organised like medicos .
doesn't matter if the peasants and the professionals get cut by all the careless talk - they don't
matter politically-- they are just wingeing farmers and their suspect friends

Between Bob Brown and Mark
Latham they know what to do ( in tas yesterday) - close down use of the land - its that simple!
Problems with surgery you say? - lets have none of it !
Dead easy mat


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