Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A simple definition of sustainability

Living in the bush , every so often, you realise something that city folks don't learn . Like what matters and what works and it ain't money and it aint what you learn off the giggle box about the environment. -If we cared as much about mone a some we would be doing it a bit easier , harvesting possums and living in a bark hut in your suburban backyard .

The idea you learn to put clothes on out here is sustainability - simply its about long term stability- what works long term .
The giggle box is just not enough to get it all together conservation wise. You have to be here . night and day for generations - to really know ; to really care .
We are not born exploiters , we on the whole care for land .

but the very careless words of the popular press often imply otherwise.

So you don't trust us. maybe you trust Public servants better ? maybe you believe we can use more taxes and employ a lot more policemen to make sure noone touches, let alone damages .

We country folks need someone competent and independant to remind the city that greenies and other hangerson often exaggerate risk.and also to stop those who do not adopt the precaustionary principle .

After all, if pesticides were the big issue, this spring would be silent and you wouldn't enjoy a nice drive in the country for the devastation it causes . We still use them . Rachel's and the greens ideas are the ones that keep changing .


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