Thursday, October 27, 2005

LABOR doesn't know where its going because the ageing lefties have found themselves in the conservatives camp - not by thinking about it, but by not thinking about it.
As much is clear when you realise they can't decide wether idealism is OK or business knows best . The two parties are as confused as each other

Fortunately, if you make the assumption that somehow ignorance is the key, you'd be half way to winning next time .

SLOT IN this assumption . Not everything is at it seems. Idealism is not dead, just hidden. It seems to me there are always a few really good idealistic stayers in the race. The question is why Fed labor can't see them :can't see whats coming up from behind .Idealists become cynics too easily .thems the facts .Why though should the elderly run this country?
Like so many who take the media too seriously, they are only looking at whats moving fastest- it could be cancer or it could be a crash . Find out at


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