Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tyrants or Tyranny?: The real issues in the Desert

The French are going to bomb the hell out something this week as a result  of serious terror driven killing there.    The West is prone to calling the problem that of a tyrant when it is really more about tyranny and the tyranny of the place and space  .

Anger is a good response to anger ( West no longer seems to know this ) IF it targets the real reason for it . The knife and the bullets are incidental, not formative .

Both sides are therefore shooting from the hip .Its a domestic no sane man would get involved in - except if he listened after sunset. .

Agree with Greg Sherridan in the Australian  about our immature ideas of "political reform" : - we have a unreasonable quick fix approach to the deep problems of a struggling desert economy/ methods that work  We in the West are as irrational as anyone by promoting " practical action " which involves coercion using the overly simple technique  of one vote one value, ( just as one example )
The frustration of the people in that area is deeply seated in the land and how they want to use it .They have to have hope and therefore some alternative idealism / way forward.These are not things easily offered,  but objective resilience experts can help   Better targeted investment is best - schools scholarship and migration maybe?   

Understanding is the best way of resolving conflict , The ageing West doesn't even understand its own angst ( egwhy its own kids are vulnerable to idealism)

Did noone there se that all the young people pictured in The Archibald Prize have no faces .  Till we have faces ---- identity problems abound in both the East and West  

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