Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Religious people are prone to reject Science

Brian Hoskings won't be welcome in Australia once they realize Brian Hoskings  is going to operate like a scientist . What the CC movement want is a token professor of note , scientist or maybe  a book with 99% of scientists signing a document  that only Christine Milne has the gall to write. All they could find recently is an economist who has suspect qualifications in his home territory .  Just writing a short statement about CC to include AGW , C02 and carbon economy  would test the intellect of any High Priest -- not going to happen because they would have tried  ( conference after conference but not one dominated by scientists general) .

Brian Hoskings won't be welcome in Australia,  because like most scientists,  he makes the subject of problems risks and problems sound too complex to solve.

Paradoxically most of us earth scientists are still interested in the science,, and even the technology ( but less so in my case)  . I wonder how many others are in either (although the common  attachment to a toy by a boy is a bit terrifying)  . 
---We also know we all be extremely taxed by implementing any changes to change how our people use energy -- if we want action .
---We also know as mature practical people that government probably should NOT ever be trusted with a tax to experiment with solutions.( young ones naturally might differ and they deserve a job with better specs that Parties EVER would design for them )  I am convinced we would nearly all draw the line with giving ANY government more money to make us behave better. Anyone want to disagree ?

And whats the faith of the fearful  based on .... really ? let me suggest "Fear of scarcity",,,not Co2 or carbon but Oil  . Well that's interesting --if true  .They don't know much about E10 or algae to say that . They don't know much about history ecology , targeting human behavior ( the real worry ??) and sustainable agroecosystems ( surely a good place for Australia to spend more money !) Can't win war if you don't shoot straight and have everyone clear about the target . Huge problem for believers !

If going to win a productivity argument with thinking people,  all religions must state their principal concerns about evil; . where it is and what its name is need to be nailed to the door . Otherwise it won't last ....... and never ever on fear alone .

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