Wednesday, February 06, 2013

You do try to tell them .... but they move on

Tony Jones( ABCTV - Q&A) is a great symbol . A great symbol of a man who moves on, and a man who calls for " moving on" ;  often before he or the audience really understands. Its like his program describes his problem ; His and our problem?- we don't always want to know . We are overloaded with info . We just wanna quick fix or,  something that reinforces our predjudices . You do that by having poliies on the platform rather than real experts . Pollies don't often know enough to be dangerous -unlike people who have their feet on the ground 

So who do pollies and wannabes think they are -- going where angels fear to tread.   Superheroes?  ;Remember what's written on the floor of parliament (Vic) Proverbs 11:14 .
As a former advisor on env matters , I know they don't know what they are doing there, but they don't admit they don't know ( take Greg Hunt on sequestration ,or Stephen Conroy on market mechanisms, or anyone of any of them on how to support farmers credibly .  Why would they ever get their MDPlan through??? Milne thinks she can represent the farmers case - how dumb is that.

The biggest danger, as many of the conservatives are discovering now back in power, is that they don't know who to trust and what to do about getting much advice ; now they all agreed to get advice from paid consultants , agree to defend the powerful reactionaries in their partiies , and buy in to more heavenly invisible cloth spin merchants and armchair non ground breaking" experts "who please the payee and his dreaming but can never challenge the IGNORANCE of their brief and their content. Politics has replaced religion in the stakes as something so heavenly minded its often of little earthly use .The only way out is to start again at the bottom line 

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At 7:42 PM , Blogger journeymanj said...

Love the way the media machine munches through the machinations . A few days after I posted this , Q&A were advertising the fact on the ABCTV that "they were raising mor questions than they were answerin" ( exact wording maybe not )Now that' s spin on noise and echo if if I 've ever Ive heard it.

At 1:41 PM , Blogger Johnniem said...

One of the great dangers with having a genuine dysjunction between what you say the program is about and what it does is that some panel will break ranks - even inadadvertantly --as comedians do . Thought Tim Ferguson did a good job by pointing out directly that carbon price advocates were wearing no clothes and that trying to make the simple pricing idea fit was wearing everyones patience.


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