Friday, July 06, 2012

whim week

Can't think of a week when we have more whims wipped up infront of us : When those who want to be  treated like leaders fall victim to limited logic rather than deep logic . When our leaders look like weak parents giving in to the children rather than being strong and sticking with what makes sense.Drowning people at sea are ignored while the warring parties resist any idea of concessions 

  • Craig Emmerson tries to sing his way out of the intellectual torture imposed by simple greenlabor imperatives (.Being stronger than most, perhaps he's the first one to crack?) :
  • Girl guides seek more girls but risk losing the guidance principle ( obedience)Both teachers and pupils are taking their kids out of schools that let kids  do their best to schools where the best is what is expected. 

The good news for the week  is that reality has finally hit the rational determinist whimmakers in the form of condemnation of the idea of cosleeping  


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