Sunday, July 01, 2012

Froth and bubble

The Carbon Tax is just trouble . Green Labors grand plan to lead the world in changing the world will go down as a fizzer . an expensive fizzer . The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention and Australia will be saved the incredible waste and stupidity of a bureau of boiling tax bureaucrats if the Conservatives  regain power . I am not against taxes that work to limit waste - this tax only creates it

Of course it sounds good . its sounds right.  It's appeal to those who like simple solutions is completely understandable .Who in Cabinet is worth  trusting  if they can't question this messy economic meddling .
The point is that adding to costs to change behaviour  is crude and of dubious value ( see earlier posts )  How much does the price of tobacco have to rise to prevent to stop people using it?
Also when margins are poor ( say for wheat it can be $30 a tonne ) profits disappear with added costs of a small kind .
Greenpower 's focus has been on the froth of price . They have confused,  like so many on the other side ,  the difference between value and price .( Do they worship at the same market knows best church?)
But we won't charge overseas coal buyers what we charge oursleves . What bad children we are Julia .
The hypocrisy was so obvious because none on July 1st was influenced to use less fuel when they drive out the door that day !!!!

Froth and bubble, the frogs don't even know they are in trouble. You heard it first 11:50 am on EA 2nd July 2012 "Boil tax"and "boiling tax bureaucrats"  are copyright of Emperors Academy

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At 5:00 AM , Blogger Johnniem said...

Way beyond it Combet says on Q&A tonight. if he is to explain government policy before the next election he will be dragged back .


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