Friday, July 01, 2011

Now its not a tax, but a trading scheme

Our prime Minister has changed her mind again. It may be a woman's prerogative to change her mind but surely not the governments. Her extensive use of the personal pronoun is troubling for thinking Aussies,  but quite natural for her ( the reason its acceptable?) According to the logic of post modernism it's quite Ok to change your mind ,  and just do what you feel like at the time .
Now the Carbon Tax is only going to be a Tax for 3 years and then revert to a Trading scheme. It used to be that such a big policy change would kill your mandate . How does she get away with that?
What sort of weakies are they  in caucus? What sort of unprincipled powerbrokers are they ? Is postmodernism our biggest handicap because it allows both the people , the leaders and power brokers the freedom to play games with the truth - esp betwen elections . How deep does the disease run within Labor ?
Scary thought .According to the logic of post modernism its quite Ok to change your mind and just do what you feel like at the time . Unsustainable


At 9:34 PM , Blogger Little John said...

At least taxes can have some transperency(excise and rebates) and have been tried -say with fuel. Only idiots would fund a trading scheme as the lights an mirrors game with our money would never end .( some hint of that on last nights news - That news item probably came from Garnaut - noone else in the Labor movement is ahead of the game he's playing with the puppets)


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