Thursday, May 05, 2011

One minute its carbon tax, next minute its alternative energy, then renewables

Now its ethanol from ........sugar,  Corn ......and really that's photosynthesis , even wood - the ultimate source .Pity the greens,  Greenlabor or Greenlibs didn't think this through,  because they would be ahead of the game by now - instead they have brought us back in their slow carriage model with blinkered half baked views finally back full circle- pity too they didn't think of the consequences for the earth BEFORE they advocated for the earth.
Are the Liberals really any different with their head in the sand view of planning and resource depletion /investment issues . The Libs couldn't care less about stopping people doing what they like?
The average car fuel use in Australia could probably be supplied by a few acres each,  but the point is those acres are used for something else. Any change of land use will cause huge economic distortion .Land supply is quite limited and the land suitable for sustainable cropping is really quite small.Still its a free country - Let the chinese or others buy up all our land - we don't need to worry - we've got 30 years of iron ore left .
No need to panic - just need to plan - esp land use . We don't need more than a few acres to supply food needs- PLUS maybe somewhere ( right ecosystem)  down the track a few acres of   land for fuel ( current demands) .

ALSO Finding new sources of energy doesn't necessarily solve the problem of supply - the hidden cost of using some new source may make it unsustainable in the future . 

Take soil erosion and soil degradation . There is arable land and marginally arable land ( the stuff that erodes easily when you grow things in it) . The world simply cannot afford to use annual land crops to supply its energy needs because the erosion risk to soils , long term, is too high . The use of corn or other annual crops for fuel too cannot be widely advocated or encouraged when it competes directly with food production and its widespread use can be expected to increase the unsustainable loss of topsoils. You heard it first on quickfiz . Check in your own country and make sure your politicians aren't playing quickfiz games on this subject. 


At 4:27 PM , Blogger journeymanj said...

Thankfully the Americans are about to remove the incentives for use of corn for fuel. Taxes on fuel are often progressive taxes in the sense that they force planning for the future and help rationalize diminishing amounts of cheap resources( higher cost coming.Such taxes have Helped build our better Roads and freeways in Australia which cause us to use less fuel and pollution-long term .
What does the UN think about investing in land in other countries to provide fuel for your own.? Forget that, what do we think Forget that - why don't we think? ( Answer: - our polys think the future grows on business led models of everything therefore We the public and they the polys don't need to think - it might infact even slow business down if we do think)
Please use the brains God has given you and don't fall for one side of politics or the other!

At 4:05 PM , Blogger journeymanj said...

And last week we have the dishonorable spectacle of Premier Anna Bligh wanting to make Queensland the energy capital when she's stood by and watched the sugar industry flounder. How quickly the birds fly from one shallow pond to another . Now we have the spectacle of major parties ( so out of touch ) that it takes the green's leader to point out the obvious - foreign investment in our land is not always a good idea - still missing the essential point that our management of our land is the the most important point.


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