Monday, February 28, 2011

Going around doing good - just like Robin Hood

Queen Julia and Prince Brumby have been justifying taxes because they are going to do so much good with them .

Edmond Burke said "The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention" .He was right . These new princedomes simply don't know what is right, even though they have "some idea" . They quote scientists to suit their case,  but if asked a question they lose their place . Not good enough . Scientists at least remain confident within the limits they set themselves . Imposters have to keep changing the legs they stand on till the chair falls over .The legs of the chair keep changing ( warming, cooling , changing  to wet dry co2 or renewables )what's it to be or is the problem all things to all men
 The public has not twigged that  her and his men are not poor , and neither are they experienced on the ground ,  but live in cocoons in castles, cultivating courts of  consultancies and empire builders .

The white knights remain invisible and do what they think best,  while we pay . Their bosses have the gall to call their arrogance , ignorance and lack of experience in real on ground living and patronising logic "a mandate ". They are good , we have been bad .
The public has not twigged that  "it's us that have been bad "( we don't appreciate all the good things we have)
The castle has decided that the only way the plebs will conserve things is if they pay more for them
Would you trust them to stop spending the windfall taxes on empires?  - they can't even tell the difference with their Robin Hood hoodwink strategy ( copyright ecacademy) working so well  , between a resource that's getting scarce ( fuel)  and one that quite renewable ( like water )  Sack em . 


At 4:33 AM , Blogger journeymanj said...

For anyone who still wavers about whether they really know what they would do with our money- they say " they don't know" ( still consensus matter) and they then ask us to "trust them ".Why
If the market is the one to trust , trust them completely - and leave the tax idea out of the equation.


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