Monday, November 16, 2009

ETS become CPRS ; 3 legs becomes 2 and the whole chair falls over

The agindustry leg is removed. ( Actnow Ad has 3 industry )
Those of you have read this blog for a few years will know ---we lead ----the government follows.
You will also know that Australian politics is talking about the TITLE issues to the point that it could cause an election and a big spill of leadership.

Clearly though, the lack of credibility over direction, content and effectiveness will cause Rudd to end up wearing no clothes over the issue. You heard it first on blogger . If Labor knew where they were going they wouldn't now find themselves in the black hole of deep space where they now are-trying to say something about effectiveness , when, even according to their own logic, they will produce NONE .

None of us enjoy this hard yakka because we had careers where we could concentrate on providing protection and good unchanging advice. Once you've done that and seen conservation work , the less satisfying " I told you so" is no fun . After all too, all this advertising hotair hss cost careers in science.
Be useful and blog yourself ( bookmark this blog)so the big opportunities aren't blown by philibusters and the fanatics sitting far too confidently in the seats of power.

The greatest waste is in every century is done in the name of the best intention.


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