Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a lot of hot air - as usual

If our polys knew what they were doing by trying to change the earth with hot air taxes they would realize they are going around in circles with only hot air to help them. Playing with ephemeral gases maybe their forte, but it doesn't cut any ice - either long term with the electorate or on the edge of the ice shelf itself.
Neither party is credible on the ETS or the renewable energy industry sector because they both have allowed this esoteric issue to become a political football .
The sustainable energy industries are sometimes just like their other mates in industry - willing to put eco in front of anything because it looks right - The right badge can hide a multitude of sins on sustainaibility esp when the right veneer does wonders for industry growth .( for a short while)
That this silly game has no substance is well illustrated by Senator Feildings being able to kick a few goals on the subject with it -Wong can't tell anyone whether its CH4 , CO2 , or which combination of which "we" are actually worried about. the left are happy to suspect industry as the enemy ,while the right fail to know what's wrong with the enemy .

This weekends announcement of an agreement about the renewables energy sector is an expensive act of desperation. It may be an agreement of sorts but it is generated by Labors fascination with fantasy and helped along by the libs disengagement from ( business knows best myths ) the faulty science and practice logic in this whole area . Industry is not a god to be hated or loved.

Make up your mind you dummies - should the market decide , or should YOU decide whats sustainable ( by spending our super money )or for safety's sake - engage some experinced sustainability Scientists .

The rush to support the renewable energy industry is a sign of things to come - more misinvestsment because neither party has a reliable science practice advisory system in place to prevent them from backing the wrong horses . Hanarahan might have a few suggestions about picking a real winner when the well dressed and their dressage agents are the only ones in view .
A sound sus science group could tell the naked emperors( or the wannabes) whether the gearboxes for the wind energy focus should be bought now, later or never , or whether solar energy means cells or sun reflectors It goes on - etc etc
There was a guy called Don something , I recall - he was really into backing his own horse on wind technology .Noone took him seriuosly after a while !


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