Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Listen for real risks -----you dummies

"Crikey" , even crikey can't get past the hype . Foreign coorespeondenet does a questionable story on flooding islands in the pacific a few wekks ago ( and not one squark is heard anbout tectonics in that simple story or should we say construct ---allowing, as one margaret mead did some decades before, the allowance of the residents to tell reporters what they wanted to hear ???
Crikey prints the portrait painters manifesto on distaster management ( 12 points) and why you should worry - the der 's themsleves! > item 12 is
12. In the next 50-100 years, 21% of the Tasmanian coast is at risk of erosion and significant recession from predicted sea-level rises;
where did they get that garbage from !

I'm sure the Solomon Islanders this week wished reporters spent their time supporting effective warning systems about known and real risks rather than looking for evidence which they themselves are in no position to sort .


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