Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 3 amigos

The three amigos HT and C arrived in the country this week , raising more dust than was helpful in our predictably cloudless sky. Either something happened on the way, or they left from different places because they did not arrive here together or with the same message . Lots of dust was raised when they arrived and it appears to have clouded the vision of why they came, and just what they were going to do about water , once they got here .
Clearly they didn’t come to solve the problem; if they had , they would have agreed beforehand about the who what when where .
They agreed about somethings - we needed advice, techno..nological stuff. why? cause we are stupid or careless with water ? . Slipping on banana skins once they got off the high horses was to be expected, especially as Canberra doesn’t yet believe in diversity- let alone within the economic ecosystems they now think they can manage . Emperors with no clothes comes to mind .
The high riders got into giving us advice too quickly and with disrespect – “Can’t we give you some money , or teach you how to use water better “. “What you need is technology” two of them said in a chorus that clearly showing their blatant disregard for the constraints of ecomia.
These blokes want to win votes at the next election! Look over your shoulders cowboys - you can't trust the commercial in confidence brigade to keep you in competence on risk matters


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