Monday, December 14, 2009

Copenhagen -it will look good but achieve nothing but continue the revenue stream

Even though there is very little credibility in the idea of a ETS working in a practical way on the ground , the groups present will focus on making the target sound good - that's what modern meetings and media theory insist on.
Forget the science - thats a secondary matter. Forget science and the truth - this is about international politics and Rudd, Wong and Flannery's role in it.

Few international meetings have ever such a poor consensus really on how to/( as opposed to what to ) use any tax . The much too late speculation in Australia today about biosequestration is an illustration of the mess Labor have left the non direction for agriculture in - doors remain open that should have been closed by the leading proponents- running sores.

Despite all the leaks , I expect the target will be high because : numbers are all that matters to the school of mere description who are running this salvation machine . This salvation machine with a tax to drive it and bureaucrats to run it . The appeal of this simplisticity with wannabes is completely understandable.

To see how easy it is to calm the nerves of just about everybody just watch the newsrelease ; WE agree to no more than a 2 degree rise by 2020 or a 15% cut by 2020. What with changing energy prices , carbon tax increases and buffering of the increased co2 emmisions , the world will not need an international bureau to achieve those targets. More on win-win at copenhagen here

The poor world will not be any richer and the rich nations may well get away too easily - but it will be a failure of mispaced reason and direction , not a failure of willfulness.
In a society which worships technology , the greatest evil is still done by not engaging the minds when persuing the best intentions .


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And there you have it - just as predicted .


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