Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is your profession at risk ?

I'm with Julia Gillard about at least one thing ---the need for a education revolution. I just disagree to the absolute core on how Labor think it will work . Maybe they don't think ?Superficial would be a kind word for their arrogance about something that needs clear thinking.

How do we explain the big issue of degradation of professions? Its clearly not just one party at fault here. The post modern worldviews are key big issues across the board.

but as far as Labor goes - its classic weakness , in this case, is its lack of radical review or perpective ( something it claims it has but often has not) ; its retreat to the reactionary.

The reason I started my first website over 12 years ago was because I could see how my profession was being ruined by those who thought bthey could make me work better . perfectionists of a sort ; those in power who thought progress meant restructure ; who talked reform but practiced revolution; who talked revolution but just went around in circles themselves.
The heart of their stupidity and arrogance was that they only seemed to know the basics about my profession - that we experimented and tested. They could do that too-- surely. Pretend they were scientists when they wer celarly not .- shoodabeen taking their advice!
Nothing has changed in the intervening years . The politics of blowing up the old in the hope of finding a few good bits is still in train; the favourite game of the desperados in power . Fun for them but a complete failure for some of us who spent our lives training for jobs we were now good at. "If the first marriage doesn't work try another - experiment ! .Would you want your daughter to spend her life experimenting ? "
THE PROBLEM WITH MOST WANNABES IS THEY HAVE NO OWNERSHIP . Your next CEO should be not "good at management" but "good at something a little less esoteric" ! Tell me I am wrong . Tell us about your profession and where its going .


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