Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CSIRO- plenty of chiefs, but no indians who think for themselves?

CSIRO gets yet another leader this week and one who sounds rather dull and distracted . How long will the publics fascination with the glory days of CSIRO last?  When will our Polys take state led science and planning into the 21st century  instead of waiting outside CSIRO's doors for another  lottery item to invest in ?
When will our polys stop focusing on the past brilliance ( real enough ) and deal with the parlour state of state science politics?.
CSIRO is irrelevant to Australia if its inventions and creations go offshore ( as has usually  happened) or if its research is , like the politics of environment today , - is so heavenly minded ----its of little earthly use.
Posted elsewhere " Ian Chubb ( new CSIRO chief ) did not, in his interview on the ABC last week , speak to the critical issues. Particularly the politicisation of science and the quickfiz of outcome focused research. I noted within my own area of applied science in State insitutions that leadership was all talk and very little on ground competence in big picture issues"


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