Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The HUB solution

Is it a real solution or a new name for old idea that did actually work at much less cost ?
On a day after the PM chants repeatedly about her offering to drip feeding money into the accounts of all of the people , HUBs are announced as  solution to problems in some indigenous communities in the Northern Territory .
I wonder what the care ratio will be and whether the hours will be be beyond 9am -5pm and on weekends , when the problems arise .
We are happy to hear this news from the ABC,   but are the people on the stations?
I just talked with someone who poo poed the  idea of missionaries in such communities;So easy to knock the previous encumbent .  This was the sort of boring repeat talk that undermined a generation ago the commitment of white aussies to support hubs in some of those areas . Look up Hermannsburg.  They trained people to care for people and the carers were called Pastors .
Pastors are on call,  and look after as they do world wide,  and for centuries  groups of 40 -100 people .
HUBS which are committed to care are welcome,  but lets not pretend people are going to replace pastoral care . Govt's can't even get drivers out to the richest woman in the world' s mines . and with both major parties hooked on the drip feed of money riven solutions,  I wouldn't hold my breath  about more care and more time.  The cost of health care can kill.   ABC journos - talk to real community leaders on these property area  !
The proper ratio of political announcements to people announcements is at least 1:2

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