Monday, October 10, 2011

The truth - its all relative, isn't it?

Is the sea rising or the Ocean island in Kiribati falling?

Trust the new religious lot to get it wrong .
Charles Darwin  wouldn't have said the truth is relative - he was a good scientist- careful to research things well;  to determine what pushed what ;to test and confirm a theory ; not go off half cocked like some new Margaret Mead  trying to find proof of her pet PC theories on some remote island where the audience gets no context. Unsustainable is the name of such sus science.Sure ABCTV and the government talks sustainability but like so any they don't know it .In seeking to make it real they best recognise that talk is cheap and those that practice and know it are rare.
 The island is about 3km wide and the sea round it over 3 kilometres deep .A very very sharp mountain . As Darwin discovered , the islands form by subsidence . Some people talk science , but never look closely enough to check they know what they are talking about .They lead by just being out on the edge somewhere

Darwin would rightly have the ABC TV guts for garters over their desperate  PC hunt for sea level rise.( the story they put to air on the eve of the great carbon tax imposition on October 9th  2011)
The ABCTV story on the sea level rise on Kiribati islands (Sunday 9th October )  has no substance.

Over 150 years before the current expert hunters of facts , Darwin had demonstrated that the coral atolls on the Pacific rim were caused by subsidence and erosion of the base materials  on which they formed .
Politicians and their wannabes in the media want us to believe THEY know what they are talking about . When their rhetoric runs a bit thin they change the rhetoric. Why let the facts get in the road of a great story - one that will put Julia , Bill and the Greens into history as the most adventurous and courageous impractical ignoramuses in Australia's political history .No safety is listening to their own echoes.
When the talk of "warming" runs a bit thin,  they use the word "change" to include cooling and all things in between  - a great catch all phrase that allows them to have it both ways . Yet the people still follow .
Politicians want us to believe THEY know what they are talking about - I used to think we would never fall for them when they change the ground under which they want us to work from but TOMMORROW we will see it happen again .
ABCTV are setting the scene ; revising the thorough work of Darwin himself - that's how clever they are up there.
 A tax that will change something but no one is sure exactly what - clearly the whole idea sounds good and in a post modern world --we just do what we feel like .

The religion of the post modern is clear enough-"  the god's will smile on us if we just do what we feel is right."    Me thinks a god that stupid was never worth  taking seriously ever -- but people do . Sort of like a prize for who wears the most invisible clothes .
Some wise old writers recognised that rationality has its limits - some things are hidden and somethings are even not seen until you have been given eyes to see them.
Is the truth that Julia and Caucus  are the most courageous leaders in history,  or
--just taking advantage of their position to do things that benefit noone but those who " just wanna do something about improved earth use ". They don't seem to care whether it will work or not,  offering to sort that out "once the money is in our pockets ". ( trust me I sound really caring sort of stuff)  Making the big wanna do's happy at the cost of the rest of us is certainly not something they have a licence to do. Normally on committee they wouldn't get anywhere until they convinced the rest of us about the budget in detail " When "exactly what they will do " is not clear and no deadlines- its perfect .
Real leaders ( should there be any) should not feel the need to do anything, until the real need ( let alone the project plan with the practical stuff listed in detail) is identified . Lets hope there are few Perretts willing to act responsibly on the matters before them .Well done Graeme for speaking up .

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