Thursday, November 08, 2012

Too slow to really know

This photo was proudly published about Peter Garrett by Peter Garrett on 9th November 2012 . This belated attempt by the men wearing the invisible clothes has come five  years too late , Greenlabor have let most of these dangerous lead active TV's be broken in bins and dumps across the country . Too late mate !
Clearly the dummies wouldn't know an environmental cliff if they fell over it . ( probably means their advisors wouldn't either) Pity because the election cliff is one place where such wastage is paid for. cliff beckons These dummies have no idea that the bureau has been cultivated to worry about things they worry about - not what scientists really know about ,

Who in the world would the thinking man vote for?

Those of us who have tried to support our leaders in their good intentions  in the environment and resources use areas  know that there is a big and growing risk that they will be reactive rather than proactive in office . This is nothing new but , when both parties think they know things they don't even the Opposition miss the chance to make a laughing stock of slow horse games and missed targets .

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