Monday, June 02, 2014

Let's be positive and put a smile on disasters to come

In a move which would make their parents turn in their graves . many modern progressives are preaching hell fire and brimstone ....  on the environment ,
While high priests insist this is right,  the parishioners are nervous . ABCchurch  is not a very comfortable place to be ,
Today we finally here that we won't run out of water and that radiation is a reality ,( its invisible)taken a while to bring the doctrine of the invisible into progressive church . The religious rationalists  seem to worship science but as Elull said decades ago they really worship technology (not infact science and not even talked about "pure science") . Thoreau observed that war rather than than reason ruled in reality.
Which makes you wonder why so many non scientists think a panel of polys (ABCTV Q&A) is likely to show respect for scientists.


At 2:52 PM , Blogger Johnniem said...

And it doesn't get any better. ABC 24 newsreaders have forgotten that their best asset is their independance and yet here they yesterday trying to fathom the depths of the invisible with the tools of a twelve year old . has anyone pointed out that they are not asking the right questions because they as non scientists and nonnewsmakers don't know how to reframe the right questions.Its quite logical anexplanation but when power corrupts it corrupts even ones own vision. You heard it first on EA today .


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