Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Modelling democracy and resisting hypocrisy

Political popery groups , those who get away with removing Premiers before their time ( Terry Mills today in the NT and Ted Baillieu last week in Victoria ) ,  like leaders who leave before their time ,willingly saying  "to spend more time with the family" ,show how poorly our people often understand the responsibilities of office. Powerful people often forget that they owe their power to us and their office and commitment is often  up to us to change. Now it seems to me , the people have forgotten where we come from and why we have the procedures we do. The talk about democracy is tokenistic and the stuff of hypocrisy. Democracy dies , as its always done , not because of war or rebellion but because we have lost sight of the fact that it is basically a good thing . We don't want good things , esp old good things . we want something better because we beleive in progress . We believe in the new.
We used to offer people in power a responsibility and we expect them to stay there for the time elected . We know noone is perfect so when Sh... happens we exepect tthe incumbent to clean it up . "Its your room Son , clean it up" . We have all allocated tasks to do . Its not all about you.... hero"  God help us:  not another election or spit the dummy , throw in the towel,  tantrum driven change from the children ( paradoxically not to spend quality working time with the family !). Clearly there are men behind the scenes who are undermining our democracy and doing it underhandedly ( by not identifying themselves personally) Faceless men . What weakies !What wooses !
 The excuse making that often goes around changing heads is often shallow pathetic rubbish that symbolizes the image driven imperatives of the faceless men who try to run the country .And its not just Labor's problem.  Iron fist Kennett may not be sitting in the chair,  but those who are, may be just wearing kid gloves.hard on the inside .
Much more serious than this shallow game in the parties is the FACT that permanent public servants are becoming less and less .
Our ABC hasn't even noticed the disease and hasn't set to work to find out its ramifications ( not until today anyway). Noone is yet aware that Australia is slipping away from a culture of independent reliable predictable advice ( another reason our political leaders can't last - they are supported by courtiers cloned in their own image ) .
Now this week too they want to control what people say about them. ( ( 1 week to decide on new media laws )

We could learn a lot from the traditions of the faith that kept democracy working . I'm not just talking about the superficiality of humility.  Pope Francis is elected this day to permanent  office with every sense that he will stay and give up lots to sustain the wa. The white smoke has flowed , but the black smoke from the ever changing fads of the old reactionaries continues.

Before you get really smart and think this not real,  think sustainability and about its fruit -- a method that works .  When Jesus used the words below he was reminding the audience of something they knew( but they/ we too have lost sight of?)  . That good governance goes back a long way before all the varieties of mad popery in the past and present to a workable democracy pattern amongst the wanderers in the desert . Ditch the dummies who only see the clothes and investment . The point is not where it came from , but that it works - unlike the short term games of the faceless men .
Matthew 20 ;25 |
" You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and their great ones exercise authority over them  BUT it shall not be so amongst you " These are the forgotten words of history that have determined the best in our history .
I am not a Catholic but i am most certainly a Christian.

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At 4:33 PM , Blogger journeymanj said...

How long before they dump Julia ? I don't think it matters who Labor dress up, the backbone is not there. If straight up appears on the stage it won't work because the brain is not conneceted and the logic is missing. Nothing works if you you don't know what you are doing.

At 6:33 PM , Blogger Johnniem said...

Our dumb ploys have often failed to carry the very essential basics of understanding our culture into a foreign culture - leading to a severely handicapped kind of democracy and technological fixture in the new country . Nelson Mandella saw this , even if we haven't. Mere force or popular opinion is nothing if it doesn't carry respect for others and reconciliation on the basis of fair treatment . As non Christian commentators on Africa have observed, the return of big brother big power politics combined with our correct penchant for order and good governance (the bureau) leaves some of those people in a worse state than before the brotherhood of man was first proclaimed there .


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