Saturday, July 27, 2013

Your not funny Kevin

Atkins on Insights highlights the fickle nature of many in the electorate . Kids quite like "something that moves "
Doesn't change the fact that the drug culture in politics is killing the country and is only possible because we let these shallow birdbath birds keep splashing.
Rudd accusses  others of slogans-his slogans are just better dressed

The dumbest thing the ABC are doing is letting Rudd get air with all his new offers - just as they did with Julia and the faceless men .

When is the ABC going to do a report on "what hasn't worked under Labor " fat chance -- maybe SBS will .
 The ABC dress up Catalyst and Dr Karl but science like politics is not about glamor - anything but
The ABC wonder why climate change support is dwindling but science like politics is not about glamor - anything but 

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At 3:47 AM , Blogger Johnniem said...

Kevin and his crew continue to wander all the territory, swapping not only places and ideas but the proper use of words talking "settlement" in PNG - as if the idea of settling is a given.


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