Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola - something for the worry warriors to keep the news service going ?

Ebol is not a virus like another . Sure its dangerous --and there are high risks of infection in countries where its spreading at the moment . But we should leave it to experts ; not vent our spleens when it appears our leaders don't care , as the Representative aristocracy of the left insisted on QandA  tonight .
This group know you can believe in both ; you can be all things to all men ; have your cake and eat it . Talk tough but allow everyone to do what they think is right .But you have to stop people talking about " whats needful" because that could take too long and even threatening to your fix .
 If you have the right people in your democracy you will be proved right . Worry brothers when one Rowan ,or even one expert appears because it may expose the panel as a bunch of  incompetent but well aligned chatterers who are linked up for the point of sychofancy.

Like the young people who want to stop people dying in Syria at the moment ,  going to the site of dying and high risk to help , may not help . You can be just a nuisance ,Your airfare alone could shelter 1000's of refugees in a neighboring country or 1000 chats on heigene by a locally trained nurse .
The disease is not as easily spread as the media make out . Katherine mentioned millions - seems very unlikely. We won't just wait and do nothing we will listen and see ifbthere is anything we can  or others more suitbly placed,  can do
As was powerfully put Labor still don't get it ---- Their love affair with Greenlabor .

"We are never short of good intentions,  we are  just short of implementors" ( Woolworth chairman )

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At 6:02 PM , Blogger journeymanj said...

Rowan was on again recently and spoke well . Get tired of waiting for any food on the Qand A feed.


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