Monday, October 12, 2015

Trust politicians to know what needs doing. You have to be joking

It has to be said despite all the ridicule of Climate change deniers that the  case for stopping the use of coal and other fossil fuels is at best unproven -- the big push has got lots of money to keep it hot but the substance and solutions have been cold all along.
Sound students of science and politics have known all along that talk is cheap on solutions to complex problems --  that doesn't stop stupid politicians opening their mouths and naming nothing that works - and damaging more than they help.
More importantly the half baked effort and shoring up up of unsubstantiated methods is extremely costly and distracting as pointed out by the Cornwall Alliance .

The computer climate models that are the only reason for fears of dangerous, manmade global warming have proven wrong. They predict warming at twice the rate actually observed since the 1970s, and they failed to predict the complete absence of warming since January 1997. There remains, therefore, no good reason for the fears.
It follows that policies to fight global warming fight a non-problem. They waste trillions of dollars needed instead to help the world’s poor meet much more urgent needs. In developed countries they slow, stop, or reverse economic growth, destroy jobs, and raise energy costs, harming everyone—especially the poor and elderly. And, by depriving developing nations of the abundant, affordable, reliable energy they need to rise and stay out of poverty, they would condemn them to more generations of poverty, disease, suffering, and death.

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