Thursday, September 29, 2016

The lights go out in South Australia

SA is without power for days following extreme weather.   Weatherall wishes like hell he really knew how to weather it all .
Some want to blame the wind ,the lightning   others the lack of alternative connections;( normaly prevents these disasters)  All sorts of stuff. Not science just simple A+B =C stuff
All the most obvious connections are on the net , Up there and lit up like BIG items in the dark stores ready to go off if you dare to try and eat one. Guaranteed to give anyone who tries indigestion .  Neither Victoria or South Australia were prepared for this as they hate coal and dare not even talk about it in polite company ----let alone arrange wires etc.listen to reports about real risks and real energy .
Facebook is not only,, awash with solutions to the drama,  its leading the charge . The experts are out there everywhere . Even polys have to defend everything they have ever done in the hunt to find the "person responsible" " long as its not me". I just opened my mouth and said something about the  idiots in the and how predictable their behavior is . I did nothing ...Who me?

As usual with these media hunts.  its more about point and game scoring than it is restoring food to the failed fridges and rehooking up the solar panels that conveniently don't work at such times . Wind neither
Noone is allowed to say it but the State is waiting for coal to come on line again .
Predictably the accused find fault with the accuser setting up another round of chatter for the evening news ; running there own expensive wastebook on facebook . The gods of sport maybe busy this weekend but so the gods of justice . .
The most "creative" ( perhaps not as it is so easy to find fault with your accuser) take is for believers to  just say the latest disaster is due to CC."Take that you deniers"  ( sorry but u are not allowed to be a sceptic -- that's so septic )
The light in the mind seems to be missing in all this blame game speculation
This is of course very predictable when you open up government to the market ( incl Greenlabor) the speculators get in get a job -- and you don't know which ones to trust. -es when they can't be seen for dust  when they cut the cloth to fit some smaller than required brief .  Poor old Tim Flammery has to defend everything .

Tim looks worried. He should be worried.  He doesn't know what he is talking about , but people don't get that yet.

Blackouts ( and power costs) in South Australia this week are a warning - a very serious warning about how ideologues have been wasting OUR money on things that don't work and cost us heaps . Our lefties fall head over heals to please the Green gods which might be reasonable if they knew what works: their solutions turn out to be idols with legs of clay when its night or not windy . See my posts elsewhere on the way the modern wind machines work and why renewable energy sources are over sold . This common old photo of steam from coalfire towers was used ten years ago to justify the unbalanced idea that carbon is a pollutant and coal in particular is bad. Fuel burning is just as bad . Co2 a fertilizer too . The basic need for backup from coal or gas has NOT ever been addressed because the polys are not capable of engineering a sound energy supply system because they force one side fits everything rubbish..
The comfortable elites will be shaken by the public's unwillingness to worship any more at their church . The painting black of things that suit their ideology but are not consistent ( focus on coal but not on fuel) makes many of our leaders hypocrites . Thinking people will get sick of bowing to good intention by those who don't understand the how - poking with burnable sticks at the great fire.

 Instead of focusing on their environmental issue they meddle with energy and destroy their ability to do anything about the former


At 1:42 AM , Blogger Johnniem said...

That Labor and the Greens have lost their way is well demonstrated in their failure to talk to this profound distraction they have been on for years.

Such hypocrisy for them to talk the evils of coal when it cooks their meals and keeps them warm, As for their and the suspect science AB's completely out of touch talk of batteries.

At 4:02 AM , Blogger Johnniem said...

and how many noisemakers are still just rattling their ignorance ( worry is what they do )and fear in the wind.


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